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1: The Grand Imperial Province of Pendulous
Pop: 40,959 Mil

2: The Richly Blended Peoples of Koffee
Pop: 40,953 Mil

3: The Allmighty Power of Nak nak
Pop: 40,942 Mil

4: The Nihilist Hippy Commune of Ummagumma
Pop: 40,880 Mil

5: The Allmighty Nak Nakian Colony of Feckface
Pop: 40,876 Mil

6: The Green and Pleasant Dominion of The Bruce
Pop: 40,856 Mil

7: The Indomitable Borderlands of The Grendels
Pop: 40,846 Mil

8: The Disputed Territories of Obstinacy
Pop: 40,809 Mil

9: The Free Collectives of Righteous Lefties
Pop: 40,799 Mil

10: The Allmighty Nak Nakian Colony of Techno
Pop: 40,783 Mil

11: The Wet Coast Hockey Republic of Go Canucks Go
Pop: 40,776 Mil

12: The Godless Mercantile Nexus of Isla Vista
Pop: 40,765 Mil

13: The Allmighty Nak Nakian Colony of The knight who says NI
Pop: 40,752 Mil

14: The Dominion of Complete Bastards
Pop: 40,743 Mil

15: The Holy Empire of Equus
Pop: 40,721 Mil

16: The Corporate Republic of Augustalia
Pop: 40,603 Mil

17: The Insatiable Economic Hitmen of Tremalkier
Pop: 40,434 Mil

18: The Dominion of The Captain
Pop: 40,393 Mil

19: The Grotesque Playground of Mackintosh
Pop: 40,158 Mil

20: The Grand Duchy of Iyari
Pop: 39,299 Mil

21: The Grand Duchy of Marldeep
Pop: 39,026 Mil

22: The Itchy Red Patch of Norvikeland
Pop: 38,650 Mil

23: The Nak Nakian WA Embassy of Fortune1
Pop: 38,410 Mil

24: The Wealthy Evil Empire of Zamberdaf
Pop: 37,714 Mil

25: The Refugee Resettlement Zone of Wysterian Territories
Pop: 37,674 Mil

26: The Holiest of the Holy Lands of Deep South Borland
Pop: 37,562 Mil

27: The Bird Is The Word of Hydroponic Nation
Pop: 37,341 Mil

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