Safe Harbor for Commercial Nations

You aren't the first.

Usually this is a result of being fed into a bad situation (welcome to the game), or somebody's direct actions.
Otherwise you earned it and you know why...

Throughout history, and also here in NSEconcomy, the powerful seek to take from the wealthy. This NS Economy system illustrates the powerful corporate nations in Nation States. However without security, you can't have commerce, let alone keep wealth. When your economically powerful nation is booted, forced to leave, or your government toppled by raiders, there are safe harbors.
Time to set sail...

  1. Find a Region with a Reputation You Can Live With: Start by looking at the NS World Factbook here:
    Nation States World Factbook

  2. When you find one you like, check out their forums.

  3. Finally check their WA Delegation, and Economics
    Nation States Economic Numbers.


  5. DO check Exchange Rates of Your Neighbors:
    This does effect you...

Remember, this time you get to control what happen's if you were fed a region by the game of Nation States.
If you run a corporation, other regions are happy to have your commerce in their region..
If you are a former raider, you do have a choice...

If you want to build, then you need to think in terms of security, and how to seek a safe harbor for your nation.

A good example is the Region of 10,000 Islands.
If you come out, tell em TBone Steaks sent you, and collect your 40k Taco Stipend to get started...

Economic Conditions for
Nation States
The Game

NS Economy V2.69f courtesy of TBone Steak
Game Based on:
Jennifer Government
Novel By: Max Barry
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Nation States: Enonomy, Demographics, Delegate, Markets, and Money Calculator

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NS Economy Statistics.
Nation States Economy Calculator v3.69

Economic Calculations Courtesy of:
TBone Steak
NS Economy economic statistics courtesy of TBone Steak

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