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Welcome to the Nation States economic indicators, census, and economic information system. This is the instructional page for this portion of the system. Please read this explanation BEFORE reporting errors.
There are several ways to proceed.

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If you feel lucky, simply type your Nation's name into the search box in the top right corner and hit enter on your keyboard. If you are unsuccessful, you can always get to your nation by following the long directions below.

Directions for finding a Nation's Economic Information
Every nation in the Nation States game is updated in this system on a 3-4 day basis. To find your nation, or any nation, start by clicking on the Region Search. Next click on the region where the Nation Resides. In the following list you should find every nation, including the one you require.

To get started now, start by clicking here.

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NS Economy Statistics.
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NS Economy economic statistics courtesy of TBone Steak

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