Nation States 50 Strictest Police States

The following nations are leading the game of Nation States for the harshest Police States on their Populations. The number of helping hands effected, and the remainder of the economic numbers are a click away. Notice how some are more effective than others at stomping the money from the crime.
Largest Dictatorial Police States.

To see the equations used to determine these GDP numbers, click here.

NationWorker Output     Tax Rate Law ExpenditureGDP
#1 The Free Market System of Equity Retail Ship$80,384,758,906,880.0012%100%$12,009,100,000,000.00
#2 The Republic of The Dim Wolf$12,631,900,422,144.009%100%$2,361,290,000,000.00
#3 The Republic of Panzer Vor 85$3,908,656,693,248.008%100%$654,817,000,000.00
#4 The Scorpion Sting of Scorpio Johnson$204,251,783,495,680.007%100%$34,327,900,000,000.00
#5 The Republic of Booping floofy ponies$11,780,952,686,592.007%100%$1,880,050,000,000.00
#6 The Knights Commander VII of Zulu Seven$180,631,258,529,792.006%100%$24,819,900,000,000.00
#7 The Holy Empire of Mini Mexico$1,452,469,624,242,176.006%100%$227,424,000,000,000.00
#8 The Republic of Nordhankors$2,142,419,943,424.006%100%$322,790,000,000.00
#9 The Join Lily of Switz got Lazy 409$63,013,776,261,120.006%100%$9,872,050,000,000.00
#10 The State of Parizh$388,495,260,516,352.006%100%$40,652,100,000,000.00
#11 The Hypnagogic State of Tego Witherward$349,162,218,455,040.005%100%$49,056,600,000,000.00
#12 The Republic of Emergency Puppet 302$6,064,962,535,424.005%100%$812,902,000,000.00
#13 The Theocracy of Expotens$30,892,902,842,368.005%100%$3,639,440,000,000.00
#14 The Community of Bread 599$39,115,017,945,088.005%100%$6,171,000,000,000.00
#15 The Esoteric Kingdom of Itasio$356,641,333,575,680.004%100%$33,666,900,000,000.00
#16 The Protectorate of Jontoptopia$50,429,522,083,840.004%100%$7,096,710,000,000.00
#17 The Liberty Lover of Conservative Values$540,562,570,608,640.004%100%$76,154,700,000,000.00
#18 The Kingdom of Boris I$704,443,973,632.002%100%$72,901,800,000.00
#19 The Island Protectorate of Akkania$197,791,464,816,640.001%100%$24,759,700,000,000.00
#20 The Corporate Fleet of Hyperspatial Travel$799,175,906,164,736.000%100%$75,401,100,000,000.00
#21 The Constitutional Monarchy of Zeekelonia$1,552,210,307,579,904.000%100%$190,815,000,000,000.00
#22 The Imperial Union of Jagada$1,428,880,724,328,448.000%100%$179,067,000,000,000.00
#23 The Constitutional Monarchy of Mister X$823,866,129,645,568.000%100%$104,092,000,000,000.00
#24 The Absolute State of Nerwarya$818,684,989,800,448.000%100%$80,766,900,000,000.00
#25 The Most Serene and Holy Empire of Al Mutwakkil$935,625,607,872,512.000%100%$92,873,500,000,000.00
#26 The Incorporated States of Lunavarius$1,134,241,135,984,640.000%100%$122,233,000,000,000.00
#27 The Empire of Preussaria$1,005,990,325,518,336.000%100%$113,112,000,000,000.00
#28 The Free Land of Zunk$12,822,312,386,560.004%94%$1,822,940,000,000.00
#29 The Federation of Dinesh DSouza$71,843,612,459,008.009%93%$12,310,600,000,000.00
#30 The Regressive HateState of Kazcaper$264,700,344,401,920.0037%92%$64,466,300,000,000.00
#31 The State of Zonsueya$231,579,787,984,896.008%92%$39,332,200,000,000.00
#32 The Night Fox of Kitsune18$19,060,785,938,432.007%89%$2,684,300,000,000.00
#33 The Republic of Irish Harps$391,189,513,633,792.0015%86%$52,436,000,000,000.00
#34 The Incorporated States of Grand Imperialian Stock Exchange$144,208,828,563,456.005%86%$24,043,800,000,000.00
#35 The Principality of Shararik$485,239,969,284,096.003%85%$56,249,800,000,000.00
#36 The Holy Republic of Loud Mimes$1,096,557,294,256,128.002%85%$149,489,000,000,000.00
#37 The Colony of The Incorporation and Gerry$42,620,453,650,432.0010%84%$5,430,840,000,000.00
#38 The Republic of Panzer Vor 150$93,063,168,000.008%83%$14,233,800,000.00
#39 The District of Lac dAmanda$275,392,145,391,616.007%83%$44,989,700,000,000.00
#40 The Imperial Queendom of Jujumanistania$242,473,116,893,184.000%83%$25,530,200,000,000.00
#41 The United Republic of The Chelbrusitan$248,996,450,795,520.005%82%$37,909,900,000,000.00
#42 The Free Land of Garg$346,242,211,119,104.008%81%$56,704,900,000,000.00
#43 The Democratic Anarchy of Falconias Prime$476,099,976,888,320.002%81%$61,019,300,000,000.00
#44 The Protectorate of Postmen Against Emails$12,618,453,483,520.0010%80%$2,216,400,000,000.00
#45 The State of Pihemanu Kauihelani$443,404,605,456,384.009%80%$81,925,200,000,000.00
#46 The Union of Makai and Hell$4,419,070,984,192.007%80%$594,528,000,000.00
#47 The Republic of Piccadilly Line 28$78,717,716,004,864.007%80%$13,285,200,000,000.00
#48 The Community of Audit the Fed 040$24,332,384,337,920.006%80%$3,520,690,000,000.00
#49 The Republic of Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher$231,236,240,932,864.005%80%$32,977,600,000,000.00
#50 The State of Chief of Staff$160,258,114,715,648.0010%79%$31,310,400,000,000.00
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