Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get to [page]?

A: There are multiple systems inside this new version of Nation States:
  • nation.php?nation=nation_name - loads page for nation nation_name
  • region.php?region=region_name - must be used with region=, loads page with links to all nations in the region, links to top 25 GDP regional trade leaders, top 25 GPD leaders, and WA delegates.
  • exchange.php?region=region_name - must be used with region=, loads page comparing exchange rate of all regional exchange rates
  • gdpleaders.php - Worldwide GDP Leaders
  • tradeleaders.php - Worldwide Export Leaders
  • populations.php - Largest Populations
  • workers.php - Most Worked Citizenry
  • viewfaq.php - loads this page
  • viewabout.php - loads 'about' page
  • calculations.php - loads 'calculations' explanation page

Q: [nation] has a really low/high exchange rate! How did they get it?

A: The nation has used one of two methods of inflation/deflation. Either their currency is named 'totally inflated yen', 'harmonic series', or 'exponential function', or their currency name contains ' -1', ' -0', or ' -e' (respectively).

Q: This program would be great if you added [feature]!

A: You can suggest new features through the telegrams to T-Bone Steaks Here.

Q: Where did this code come from?

A: The deprecated source code for version 0.7.0 is available through the project page, and is released under the GNU General Public License. The NSECONOMY 0.7.0 system was the motivation and origin of this system. Unfortunately, with newer hardware, software, and security considerations, much of the architecture that the 0.7.0 release relies upon is deprecated.

Therefore, this version, 1.69. was then completely rewritten, went through a 10,000 point beta test, and is now released as v 1.69, W3C Tested to HTML 4.

Currently I am adding features on the fly. When I have enough, I may move to a pair of, or V 2.69...and we'll call it a party.

Q: Where did the Black Market Numbers Come From?

Many thanks to Sunset for his Black Market Calculations. These are being implemented to his standard as we speak.

Q: Why does my nation have a bigger black market than GDP?

A: Regions with high tax rates, lots of government waste, and high unemployment can lead to a massive black market. Underground companies spring up to serve the needs of the people when your nation's systems cannot support them. Either they operate within the law, or outside of it...

Q: Can I get the source code?

Should this release be embraced by the community it may be released, but there has been no interest expressed from Commerce or the SF Board. In the mean time I will continue to incorporate new features. I encourage your comments via Nation States Telegrams to the Nation of T-Bone Steaks.

Q: What is an Endotart?

An 'endotart' was a juvenile, derogatory, and elitist way to say you have too many endorsements in the game of Nation States. This is a term chosen by folks who don't really have any street or real world experience, playing nation states from a basement for many years in a row.

real world meaning of endotart: pothead (Endo is apparently the good stuff!) Credit where due...

Q: How do elders use the Endotart in the NS Game?

Why is this here? Elders asked me to build a system to make the Nation States Regional Endorsement Tools a part of this build of NS Economy. These tools make things easy, so they are available to everyone now...and yes, swaps of Endorsements will follow. When you end up with too many Endorsements, you are labeled an ENDOTART by these elders. Careful for the setup... many enthusiastic newbies have had that enthusiasm used against them in the Pacifics.
Moral: Don't be too trusting of your rulers in the pacifics...
Another Endotart Story (thanks for providing definitions Archipelago.)

Q: Why does my nation have no Retirees, Disabled or Elderly?

A: There are several reasons your nation has no Retirees, Disabled, or Elderly citizens. Some of these options include;
1. your nation is so cruel that folks in this situation don't live very long.
2. These folks are all gainfully employed by the government on tax dollars so they fall into other categories.
3. These folks are all criminals so they are counted there.
4. These citizens can fall into the students category depending on government expenditure. (and as a result, retirement age is pushed off)

Q: Why does my nation have so many Criminals?

A: No matter how good your government, a small number of criminals will surface. The remainder of this population is dependent upon your government's overall efficiency, and unemployment. Your Nation's ability to stop criminals is then a function of spending on Law and Order. You can either look at the cause or the effect.

Q: Why are Criminals Paid so well?

A: The more efficient your government is at eradicating crime, the more it recovers, all the way up to a "Police State". However, the more criminals they take off the street, the more is left for those remaining, until a few get most all of it. This makes a few criminal's pay skyrocket... For nations without Defense or Law & Order, you don't waste time on this, and those that break your laws, do better...Either way, these folks often do better for just a few years until they go to jail, and then it's taken, which is their tradeoff.

Q: They have too big a military?

A: They may, but without funding, other's wouldn't think so. Basically if a nation is taxing 100%, and spending it all on the military, they have a large standing army, and a large criminal element. We are talking crime syndicates, general unrest on the streets, and Corruption of Government being rampant to name a few. If 100% of your effort is to the military, there are no police...and this can be used in RP just as well as a large military. Pro and Con!

Q: I have no military?

A: You may, but without funding, other's don't think so. Basically if you don't spend anything on your military, from a government perspective, you have none. Whatever form of military, be it mandated or not, is more like boy scounts, camping and fishing if you don't give it guns and ammo...

Q: Where are my Capital, Religion, and Leader?

A: When I added 600,000 fields to the db to house that, all which is text, it slows down by 8/3. I chose to add the black market, demographics, and exchange info instead. Plus now everybody is getting to see their data (encoding for 1000 keyboard variants would require data scrubbing).

Q: do I multiply my GDP per capita by my exchange rate?

A: NOPE! NSEconmy gives you your GDP in USD (Universal Standard Dollar) already. No need for conversion. However, if you want the value of your GDP in your currency, you need to run a conversion.

From: The Republic of Global Enterprise Hello TBone Steaks, i have a question. If another region has a regional currency will they be put on the ns economy calculator page like 10000 islands currency is?

Yes Sir. Your region has over 50 nations, so it qualifies! Should you wish to declare a regional currency, and peg said currency to a regional nation, we can do that. All we need is approval from the founder of the region, and her/his direction as to which currency to peg. Once we have 25 or so, we'll work out distributed access...Tbone Steaks.

Q: What's the problem with the graphs?

A: Time to upgrade your Internet Explorer to IE9, or use another next generation web browser. Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are all free, and run the pie charts nicely. There are 2 versions of chart software in use, if you like one over the other, we'd love to hear about it.

Q: What's the problem with IE and the graphs?

A: That is a good question to direct to Microsoft. Please ask them why their XP compatible browser doesn't support HTML5, SVG images, and javascript like the other new browsers do... Next you want to know why they won't make an IE9 for Windows XP. I'd love to hear your response.
After coding 5 different styles of graphics to illustrate Nation numbers, none works well in Internet Explorer 8. Time to upgrade your Internet Explorer to IE9, or use another next generation web browser. Chrome, Opera, and Firefox are all free, and run the pie charts nicely...

This section is incomplete. Contributions are welcome through the telegram system to T-Bone Steaks.

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