Nation States Largest 50 Populations (> 10B) with Large Militaries

The following nations are leading the game of Nation States for the largest Miltarized Populations. The number of helping hands effects the remainder of the economy, as does the tax rate. The armies below can be toggled between free militias, and dictatorial armies with these buttons.
Largest Dictatorial Armies.

To see the equations used to determine these GDP numbers, click here.

NationWorker Output     Tax Rate Defense ExpenditureGDP    
#1 The Mega City Conurbations of The Scorched Land$19,307,935,301,632.008%100%$2,836,910,000,000.00
#2 The Federal Republic of Kotonoha-$176,405,866,348,544.007%100%$28,798,800,000,000.00
#3 The Join Lily of Switz got Lazy 303$61,685,280,800,768.007%100%$10,611,000,000,000.00
#4 The Community of Bread 613$27,482,692,517,888.007%100%$4,413,650,000,000.00
#5 The Republic of Thorn181$1,724,878,946,304.007%100%$270,521,000,000.00
#6 The Socialist Republics of Etchechuria$183,305,915,858,944.006%100%$25,639,900,000,000.00
#7 The Republic of Serendipity VIII$170,774,315,008.006%100%$25,621,200,000.00
#8 The Queen's State of Tout Chaud$358,456,259,248,128.006%100%$40,685,400,000,000.00
#9 The People's Republic of KYCF60$34,967,228,776,448.006%100%$4,852,670,000,000.00
#10 The Allied States of Issue Author$20,959,041,945,600.006%100%$2,335,520,000,000.00
#11 The East Asian Founding Empire of Imperial Nepal$337,673,449,373,696.006%100%$46,285,900,000,000.00
#12 The Republic of Mangakino$181,416,281,243,648.006%100%$24,579,800,000,000.00
#13 The Borderlands of Awl of the Above$17,262,112,145,408.006%100%$2,827,220,000,000.00
#14 The Daynor Representative of Daynor2$385,496,333,156,352.006%100%$59,076,200,000,000.00
#15 The Principality of Fremunhyll$9,945,524,207,616.005%100%$1,479,890,000,000.00
#16 The State of Es Sewes$123,072,061,374,464.005%100%$14,263,500,000,000.00
#17 The Borderlands of Diangon$2,681,882,017,792.005%100%$415,863,000,000.00
#18 The Queen's State of Ezrawood$429,677,453,770,752.005%100%$53,775,400,000,000.00
#19 The Colony of I know a guy$544,420,790,272.005%100%$86,710,700,000.00
#20 The Empire of Minimon$9,180,710,699,008.005%100%$1,493,840,000,000.00
#21 The Republic of The Jeffersonian Revolution$446,436,900,864.005%100%$74,428,500,000.00
#22 The State of Fiyre$129,592,702,533,632.005%100%$14,920,200,000,000.00
#23 The Constitutional Monarchy of Bananabama$246,242,873,442,304.005%100%$24,516,000,000,000.00
#24 The Free Land of The city of Los Santos$95,463,178,240.005%100%$14,507,700,000.00
#25 The Confederacy of Epiploa$8,805,762,990,080.005%100%$1,482,640,000,000.00
#26 The Rogue Nation of Quacker 1$118,004,553,613,312.005%100%$18,192,800,000,000.00
#27 The Way Over Yonder of The Minor Key$46,738,509,398,016.005%100%$7,636,690,000,000.00
#28 The Republic of STRV$68,052,598,784.005%100%$10,770,700,000.00
#29 The Rogue Nation of Metalingus$2,584,533,008,384.005%100%$401,866,000,000.00
#30 The Queendom of Sorthund$130,724,040,540,160.005%100%$16,753,300,000,000.00
#31 The Rogue Nation of Chryana$776,318,418,944.005%100%$93,315,200,000.00
#32 The Morally corrupt people of Virgin Olive Oil$52,488,073,904,128.005%100%$7,839,380,000,000.00
#33 The State of Deb$83,774,419,238,912.004%100%$12,015,400,000,000.00
#34 The Queendom of The North Sea Island$83,658,195,075,072.004%100%$9,258,500,000,000.00
#35 The State of Suramericanas$109,390,719,877,120.004%100%$12,020,700,000,000.00
#36 The State of El Seif$123,652,116,840,448.004%100%$13,552,400,000,000.00
#37 The Oppressed Peoples of Cashlandria$121,339,256,832.004%100%$18,550,900,000.00
#38 The Queendom of Brendan Island$116,291,398,533,120.004%100%$12,932,500,000,000.00
#39 The War-torn Wasteland of Dyspepsia$26,605,931,986,944.004%100%$3,874,760,000,000.00
#40 The State of Mersey Ribble$107,800,566,956,032.004%100%$11,930,400,000,000.00
#41 The Armed Republic of New Hampshire FSP$17,292,754,681,856.004%100%$1,965,610,000,000.00
#42 The State of Swan Nolan$125,962,339,483,648.004%100%$14,134,500,000,000.00
#43 The District of Marcellus$95,299,267,723,264.004%100%$13,984,200,000,000.00
#44 The State of Vae$106,230,412,476,416.004%100%$11,588,000,000,000.00
#45 The Federal Republic of Muskovie$196,597,792,768.004%100%$22,388,100,000.00
#46 The State of Empresa de Santo$109,760,758,153,216.004%100%$11,916,100,000,000.00
#47 The State of Ouacam$111,260,901,310,464.004%100%$12,134,000,000,000.00
#48 The State of Humboldt Bay$84,028,233,351,168.004%100%$9,209,610,000,000.00
#49 The Queendom of Maala$137,683,489,783,808.004%100%$15,066,900,000,000.00
#50 The Queendom of McMeeken$127,092,452,753,408.004%100%$14,339,700,000,000.00
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