This section is incomplete. However, this version of NS Economy, is based on the version readily available via Sourceforge here.

Why a Rewrite:

Once you download the original, you will find that there are some deprication issues. This rewrite is intended to bring the elder code up to both security and ability standards of the newer systems without losing the look feel, and operability of the system. Instead of just overwriting the works that preceded this, we have built and hosted this version for the community since 2011.


Particularly, this version of NSECONOMY was written to PHP 4, MYSQL 5, Apache 3, and on Linux Kernel 4 - 5. It's currently on it's 3rd server, and has worked well for over half a decade. In addition the variable system was rewritten to eliminate globals and be more secure. Finally, the download suite, pulling all NationState.net info, is compliant with the new API rules, downloading all nations and regions from the game daily.

Economic Equations used in Calculator

: Economic Formulas

Can I get the source code:

The deprecated source code for version 0.7.0 is available through the project page, and is released under the GNU General Public License. This NSECONOMY system was the motivation to the origin of this system. Unfortunately, with newer hardware, software, and security considerations, much of the architecture that the 0.7.0 release relies upon is deprecated. Therefore, the original version, 0.69.B was then completely rewritten to deprecate the elder technology. Version 1.69 was live until April 2016, and was replaced with a responsive design for version 2.69f.

As a new player, I quickly found out that this would more than stubb some toes. The intent was to re-release this code to Source Forge. But this would eliminate much work done by many. This would only serve a few. Whereas, this site, consistently being built out, and hosted, is a larger benefit to the community.

NS Economy Version Evolution:

NSECONOMY 0.7.0 (Sourceforge) 8/15/2011
NSECONOMY 0.69.B (beta) 9/1/2011
NSECONOMY to 1.69c 10/1/2011
NSECONOMY to 1.69f 1/18/2015
NSECONOMY to 2.69f 4/18/2015
NSECONOMY to 3.69f 2/11/2021

We thank you for your patience, and encourage your comments via Nation States Telegrams to the Nation of T-Bone Steaks.


9/1/2011 Original Posting.
9/5/2011 Beta Testing begins.
9/30/2011 Break 10,000 uses of the new software program.
Error reports show less than .0001% innacurate HTML per W3C.
RELEASE DATE! Version switched from 0.69.B to 1.69 to commemorate occasion.
10/10/2011 Sunset's approval of Black Market + Grey Market Numbers.
10/12/2011 Pie Charts/Graphs, Demographics finalized and 50,000 uses recorded.
10/26/2011 250,000 uses in 56 days.
11/1/11 310,000 uses in 62 days, new server installed migration of NS begins.
12/1/11 450,000 uses in 92 days, new server installed complete.
12/4/11 Mobile NSEconomy V.1.69 released for small screens and mobile devices.
1/18/15 Celebrating 1234 days online. With 54+ million uses, we thank you, the community.
4/1/16 Celebrating 55 months online, with a new skin release. With 73+ million uses, we thank you, the community.

Original System Credits - V 0.7:

nations are listed in no particular order

Rewrite and New Features of NS Economy V 1.69 Credits:

Economic Conditions for
Nation States
The Game

NS Economy V2.69f courtesy of TBone Steak
Game Based on:
Jennifer Government
Novel By: Max Barry
New Book, Out Now!

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NSEconomy 3.69 © 2004 - 2024
Written by: Tbone Steak
Special Thanks and Code Contributions: Commerce Heights & Sunset
482,996,672 uses since September 1, 2011. First 10G in 30 days. Thank you testers.
Updated daily @ GMT 1000! Nein Data. Sie müssen warten, 15 Minuten. If you catch any other error; please submit a bug report via telegram here.
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NS Economy Statistics.
Nation States Economy Calculator v3.69

Economic Calculations Courtesy of:
TBone Steak
NS Economy economic statistics courtesy of TBone Steak

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