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1: The Necrosocialist Convocation of Kalmykhia
Pop: 44,463 Mil

2: The Union of Egoists of Little Woodhouse
Pop: 44,075 Mil

3: The Funky Town of Arkmamium
Pop: 38,221 Mil

4: The Armed Republic of Soviet Kruplickistan
Pop: 33,220 Mil

5: The Transhuman Communist State of Minchioria
Pop: 28,613 Mil

6: The Herrebrugher Workers' Army of De 32ste Volksdivisie
Pop: 27,607 Mil

7: The King Dust Demon of The Mustache Man-
Pop: 22,724 Mil

8: The People's Republic of Krasnyy Burya
Pop: 20,018 Mil

9: The Council Republic of Zulanka in TI
Pop: 17,974 Mil

10: The Internationale Wants You of Eugene Pottier
Pop: 17,218 Mil

11: The Armed Republic of The 32 Counties
Pop: 16,473 Mil

12: The Trotskyist Federation of Achung
Pop: 15,665 Mil

13: The People's Democratic Republic of Al-Aezam
Pop: 15,438 Mil

14: The Free Land of Stochastic
Pop: 14,385 Mil

15: The Red Fleet Marines of Lyrical International Brigade
Pop: 14,348 Mil

16: The Kingdom of Esgeirimmen
Pop: 14,317 Mil

17: The Republic of St Jordi
Pop: 13,815 Mil

18: The United Socialist States of Gorkenraven
Pop: 13,398 Mil

19: The Socialist Republic of Greater Vietnam
Pop: 12,357 Mil

20: The Communist Community of Leninnn
Pop: 11,666 Mil

21: The Colony of The Internationale33
Pop: 10,607 Mil

22: The Internationale Custodian of The Commune of la Guillotiere
Pop: 10,391 Mil

23: The Two Socialist Republics of Stranaestrada
Pop: 10,294 Mil

24: The Republic of Courelli in TI
Pop: 10,120 Mil

25: The Continental Union of The Verusan Continent
Pop: 10,120 Mil

26: The Union of Cybernetic Socialist Republics
Pop: 9,977 Mil

27: The Socialist Republic of The American Continentes
Pop: 9,759 Mil

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