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1: The Allied States of Rational Revolution
Pop: 28,838 Mil

2: The Pyramids in the Jungle of Karamuru
Pop: 27,736 Mil

3: The Kingdom of FrootLoops
Pop: 27,216 Mil

4: The Republic of Pants on the Ground
Pop: 19,465 Mil

5: The Angst of A Tortured Mind
Pop: 17,278 Mil

6: The Kingdom of Tzenich
Pop: 16,768 Mil

7: The True Divine Empire of Flandarz
Pop: 16,272 Mil

8: The Matriarchy of Gypsy Lands
Pop: 14,844 Mil

9: The Classy Nation of Barnyard Pigs
Pop: 14,359 Mil

10: The Dictatorship of Merovahn
Pop: 14,114 Mil

11: The Republic of Baaabeee Kakessss
Pop: 14,037 Mil

12: The Fiefdom of Ed Gein
Pop: 13,159 Mil

13: The Heroics of Team Hawkeye
Pop: 12,302 Mil

14: The Nomadic Peoples of Penguin Gypsies
Pop: 12,271 Mil

15: The Principality of Jack2850
Pop: 11,519 Mil

16: The Comfy Armchair of Voxija
Pop: 11,366 Mil

17: The Kaiserreich of Tuirsland
Pop: 11,171 Mil

18: The Kingdom of Hanover of Hermes Express 123
Pop: 10,228 Mil

19: The Black Dober Leader of Kaya Irimi
Pop: 9,185 Mil

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