The Rogue Nation of The Fren

The Rogue Nation of The French Socialist Party

Everyone needs to fight against the democracy?s

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The French Socialist Party Domestic Statistics

Government Category: Rogue Nation
Government Priority: Defence
Economic Rating: All-Consuming
Civil Rights Rating: Few
Political Freedoms: Outlawed
Income Tax Rate: 69%
Consumer Confidence Rate: 99%
Worker Enthusiasm Rate: 98%
Major Industry: Information Technology
National Animal: Chicken

The French Socialist Party Demographics

Total Population: 2,581,000,000
Criminals: 252,838,912
Elderly, Disabled, & Retirees: 222,198,405
Military & Reserves: ? 147,061,678
Students and Youth: 528,717,850
Unemployed but Able: 351,730,847
Working Class: 1,078,452,307

The French Socialist Party Government Budget Details

Government Budget: $49,029,465,653,431.50
Government Expenditures: $39,223,572,522,745.20
Goverment Waste: $9,805,893,130,686.30
Goverment Efficiency: 80%

The French Socialist Party Government Spending Breakdown:

Administration: $4,706,828,702,729.42 12%
Social Welfare: $1,568,942,900,909.81 4%
Healthcare: $4,706,828,702,729.42 12%
Education: $5,099,064,427,956.88 13%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%
Defense: $7,844,714,504,549.04 20%
Law & Order: $7,452,478,779,321.59 19%
Commerce: $3,922,357,252,274.52 10%
Public Transport: $1,176,707,175,682.36 3%
The Environment: $1,176,707,175,682.36 3%
Social Equality: $1,176,707,175,682.36 3%
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The French Socialist Party White Market Statistics ?

Gross Domestic Product: $30,132,900,000,000.00
GDP Per Capita: $11,674.89
Average Salary Per Employee: $17,620.35
Unemployment Rate: 15.21%
Consumption: $23,354,539,570,626.56
Exports: $9,207,583,866,880.00
Imports: $7,901,702,782,976.00
Trade Net: 1,305,881,083,904.00

The French Socialist Party Grey and Black Market Statistics ?
Evasion, Black Market, Barter & Crime

Black & Grey Markets Combined: $178,702,703,115,070.75
Avg Annual Criminal's Income / Savings: ? $64,723.88
Recovered Product + Fines & Fees: $25,465,135,193,897.59

Black Market & Grey Market Statistics:

Guns & Weapons: $8,734,541,371,506.87
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: $8,079,450,768,643.86
Extortion & Blackmail: $9,607,995,508,657.56
Counterfeit Goods: $17,032,355,674,438.39
Trafficking & Intl Sales: $1,965,271,808,589.05
Theft & Disappearance: $6,550,906,028,630.15
Counterfeit Currency & Instruments : $17,905,809,811,589.08
Illegal Mining, Logging, and Hunting : $1,965,271,808,589.05
Basic Necessitites : $5,240,724,822,904.12
School Loan Fraud : $6,332,542,494,342.48
Tax Evasion + Barter Trade : $76,842,162,339,480.42

The French Socialist Party Total Market Statistics ?

National Currency: Ruble
Exchange Rates: 1 Ruble = $0.93
  $1 = 1.07 Rubles
  Regional Exchange Rates
Gross Domestic Product: $30,132,900,000,000.00 - 14%
Black & Grey Markets Combined: $178,702,703,115,070.75 - 86%
Real Total Economy: $208,835,603,115,070.75          

The Democratic States of NS Economic Statistics & Links

Gross Regional Product: $2,027,356,231,303,168
Region Wide Imports: $247,779,934,863,360
Largest Regional GDP: Reino do Brazil
Largest Regional Importer: Reino do Brazil
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