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BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED Domestic Statistics

Government Category: Pierce Brosnan 007 fan club
Government Priority: Defence
Economic Rating: Strong
Civil Rights Rating: Below Average
Political Freedoms: Superb
Income Tax Rate: 71%
Consumer Confidence Rate: 100%
Worker Enthusiasm Rate: 103%
Major Industry: Arms Manufacturing
National Animal: Karen


Total Population: 1,812,000,000
Criminals: 169,826,659
Elderly, Disabled, & Retirees: 186,013,143
Military & Reserves: ? 73,562,742
Students and Youth: 373,543,800
Unemployed but Able: 265,252,595
Working Class: 743,801,061

BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED Government Budget Details

Government Budget: $15,327,696,536,333.19
Government Expenditures: $15,021,142,605,606.52
Goverment Waste: $306,553,930,726.66
Goverment Efficiency: 98%

BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED Government Spending Breakdown:

Administration: $1,952,748,538,728.85 13%
Social Welfare: $1,351,902,834,504.59 9%
Healthcare: $1,952,748,538,728.85 13%
Education: $1,952,748,538,728.85 13%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%
Defense: $2,253,171,390,840.98 15%
Law & Order: $1,502,114,260,560.65 10%
Commerce: $901,268,556,336.39 6%
Public Transport: $600,845,704,224.26 4%
The Environment: $1,201,691,408,448.52 8%
Social Equality: $751,057,130,280.33 5%
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BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED White Market Statistics ?

Gross Domestic Product: $12,196,900,000,000.00
GDP Per Capita: $6,731.18
Average Salary Per Employee: $10,978.51
Unemployment Rate: 19.45%
Consumption: $5,427,157,564,129.28
Exports: $2,389,406,089,216.00
Imports: $2,556,194,717,696.00
Trade Net: -166,788,628,480.00

BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED Grey and Black Market Statistics ?
Evasion, Black Market, Barter & Crime

Black & Grey Markets Combined: $20,414,920,990,618.35
Avg Annual Criminal's Income / Savings: ? $9,540.50
Recovered Product + Fines & Fees: $1,531,119,074,296.38

Black Market & Grey Market Statistics:

Guns & Weapons: $807,282,531,922.76
Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: $1,049,467,291,499.59
Extortion & Blackmail: $1,022,557,873,768.83
Counterfeit Goods: $1,264,742,633,345.66
Trafficking & Intl Sales: $430,550,683,692.14
Theft & Disappearance: $968,739,038,307.32
Counterfeit Currency & Instruments : $1,641,474,481,576.29
Illegal Mining, Logging, and Hunting : $538,188,354,615.18
Basic Necessitites : $968,739,038,307.32
School Loan Fraud : $914,920,202,845.80
Tax Evasion + Barter Trade : $8,778,416,025,965.89

BOI U ABOUT TO GET SPANKED Total Market Statistics ?

National Currency: Spankings
Exchange Rates: 1 Spankings = $0.41
  $1 = 2.45 Spankingss
  Regional Exchange Rates
Gross Domestic Product: $12,196,900,000,000.00 - 37%
Black & Grey Markets Combined: $20,414,920,990,618.35 - 63%
Real Total Economy: $32,611,820,990,618.35          

the Rejected Realms Economic Statistics & Links

Gross Regional Product: $612,041,704,492,498,944
Region Wide Imports: $78,144,163,991,781,376
Largest Regional GDP: Oxirix
Largest Regional Importer: Oxirix
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