Tarn Vedra

7 Nations populate the Region of Tarn Vedra

Below are the values of the currencies in Tarn Vedra compared to 1 dollar.

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  • 1: The Commonwealth of Argesea
    1 Kedris = $1.59
    or $1 = 0.63 Kedris
  • 2: The Empire of Leto Atreides
    1 spice = $0.32
    or $1 = 3.13 spice
  • 3: The Protectorate of Stipulation
    1 kirra = $0.25
    or $1 = 4.00 kirra
  • 4: The Uber Military Imperium of Italia
    1 Kedri = $0.68
    or $1 = 1.47 Kedri
  • 5: The Commonwealth of Achilles Wrath
    1 unit = $0.54
    or $1 = 1.85 unit
  • 7: The Rogue Nation of BSN24
    1 coin = $0.65
    or $1 = 1.54 coin

  • I'm in the right Region, but I can't see My Nation?: You Sure?

    How do Exchange Rates Get Decided?: Nation States implies tax rates, and conditions for the standard of living in your Nation. As a result your monies are valued against your neighbors. This can be effected by your tax rate, you don't make anything of worth (trade deficit), etc.. Check back tomorrow, depending on how you legislate, things could change...

    How Do I increase my Exchange Rate?

    Exchange rates are a product of the calculations here.
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    NS Economy economic statistics courtesy of TBone Steak

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