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GDP ratings for Countries that populate the Region of Western Atlantic

You have arrived at the list of GDP Output for Nations that make up the Region of Western Atlantic.

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NationImports     GDP    
The Disputed Territories of Numia-NPC$-188,514,598,912.00$2,877,310,000,000.00
The Kingdom of Haemusia$-86,522,003,456.00$4,391,470,000,000.00
The Republic of Kartibia$-220,580,102,144.00$4,397,680,000,000.00
The Republic of Qubti$149,036,597,248.00$9,809,420,000,000.00
The Hetmanate of Kasakia$-463,468,789,760.00$11,667,100,000,000.00
The Most Faithful Kingdom of Breucia$-1,019,015,331,840.00$14,709,300,000,000.00
The Kingdom of Ernestria$-961,207,861,248.00$19,052,100,000,000.00
The Republic of Jrawa$-697,526,321,152.00$20,382,500,000,000.00
The United Kingdom of Providencia y San Andres$-1,065,923,772,416.00$24,902,700,000,000.00
The People's Republic of Narvasar$62,301,065,216.00$49,617,600,000,000.00
The Empire of Tehua$-1,971,219,726,336.00$73,716,700,000,000.00
The Dominion of Upper Virginia$-9,113,292,505,088.00$135,321,000,000,000.00
The Confederation of Soveriegn States$-6,770,237,374,464.00$150,130,000,000,000.00
The Grand Duchy of Saxmere$-2,373,965,316,096.00$158,582,000,000,000.00
The Federation of Southern Low Countries$-1,917,098,655,744.00$172,367,000,000,000.00
The Union of Ajuba$-2,679,004,725,248.00$194,698,000,000,000.00
The Holy Empire of Excalbia$-7,537,903,009,792.00$205,627,000,000,000.00
The Protestant Republic of Leagran$-3,992,180,490,240.00$241,710,000,000,000.00
The Federal Republic of Zamimbia$4,266,201,710,592.00$259,803,000,000,000.00
The Kingdom of Cyretopolitania$-3,112,818,704,384.00$317,408,000,000,000.00
The Democratic Republic of Daytanistan$20,641,327,611,904.00$322,536,000,000,000.00
The Free Republic of Knootoss$-8,695,323,820,032.00$439,709,000,000,000.00
The Holy and Most August Empire of Pantocratoria$-11,818,323,935,232.00$532,921,000,000,000.00
The State of Snefaldia$8,286,229,757,952.00$657,938,000,000,000.00
The Socialist People's Fiefdom of Uncle Noel$29,892,957,700,096.00$728,225,000,000,000.00
The Caldan Union of The Resurgent Dream$1,386,070,147,072.00$1,133,360,000,000,000.00
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