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The top 22 Trading Countries in the Region of The Axis of Evil

You have arrived at the top trading Nations list for The Axis of Evil.

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NationNet Trade     GDP    
The Zombie Nukers of Look at me$-27,332,765,024,256.00$103,688,000,000,000.00
The ELF-Eladen Elite Elven Envoy of Evil Incarnate$-9,816,434,016,256.00$76,931,800,000,000.00
The Nuke Worshippers of Asukafari$-7,860,225,310,720.00$59,606,100,000,000.00
The Big Yellow Star Capitalists of Moneystan$-7,183,933,636,608.00$250,559,000,000,000.00
The Free Republic of Lombarstan$-1,191,423,770,624.00$63,271,400,000,000.00
The Empire of Bloody Reich$-905,026,338,816.00$9,247,350,000,000.00
The Rogue Nation of DSN95$-505,302,843,392.00$44,251,200,000,000.00
The Federal Republic of French Fry land$-435,619,856,384.00$9,299,800,000,000.00
The Grand Duchy of Prodesia$-434,134,188,032.00$10,464,900,000,000.00
The Protectorate of Muamar$-387,260,121,088.00$183,880,000,000,000.00
The Glorious Free State of Adamkhazia$-282,485,751,808.00$34,235,400,000,000.00
The Commonwealth of Moncor$-64,929,587,200.00$944,933,000,000.00
The Armed Republic of Zarquilandia$-34,112,917,504.00$251,500,000,000.00
The Kingdom of Australis Unitas$-32,731,604,992.00$452,530,000,000.00
The Oppressed Peoples of Christiscoming$-3,302,453,248.00$60,416,000,000.00
The Empire of Devils Republics$-136,530,512.00$10,620,200,000.00
The Dictatorship of Yellow Tomato$6,538,267,136.00$212,478,000,000.00
The Holy Red Empire of Chazcam$1,718,734,422,016.00$42,813,300,000,000.00
The Queendom of Astrun$3,808,189,218,816.00$88,092,700,000,000.00
The Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea$6,320,859,643,904.00$155,186,000,000,000.00
The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System$6,334,311,825,408.00$448,838,000,000,000.00
The Little Brotherhood of The Real Matrix$38,281,198,698,496.00$700,284,000,000,000.00
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