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The top 33 Trading Countries in the Region of The Axis of Evil

You have arrived at the top trading Nations list for The Axis of Evil.

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NationNet Trade     GDP    
The Zombie Nukers of Look at me$-26,234,069,188,608.00$100,138,000,000,000.00
The ELF-Eladen Elite Elven Envoy of Evil Incarnate$-9,126,678,626,304.00$72,219,800,000,000.00
The Nuke Worshippers of Asukafari$-7,309,499,039,744.00$55,858,600,000,000.00
The Big Yellow Star Capitalists of Moneystan$-6,771,767,771,136.00$241,749,000,000,000.00
The Glorious Guinea Pig Haven of Ansgard$-5,365,609,529,344.00$31,937,800,000,000.00
The Republic of Capitalistic megacorporations$-1,440,427,933,696.00$89,453,600,000,000.00
The Corporate Empire of Ku Unget Shing$-1,101,173,620,736.00$15,804,100,000,000.00
The Super duper awesome land of Smocza$-533,396,389,888.00$12,025,000,000,000.00
The United States of Nationalist USA$-489,644,130,304.00$23,418,400,000,000.00
The Protectorate of Muamar$-348,604,301,312.00$176,942,000,000,000.00
The Dictatorship of Arcarius the Second$-183,880,564,736.00$1,206,330,000,000.00
The Dictatorship of Iros mande$-127,000,035,328.00$3,210,580,000,000.00
The Democratic States of SMOKZA$-70,971,318,272.00$668,690,000,000.00
The Dictatorship of Sharty Party Central$-36,011,372,544.00$541,133,000,000.00
The Colony of Smoczan colonial society$-35,372,593,152.00$308,158,000,000.00
The Free State of Coronavir$-30,397,198,336.00$23,637,600,000,000.00
The Federal Republic of Unio Islands$-26,443,976,704.00$303,348,000,000.00
The Federation of Maz Diveraka$-17,333,590,016.00$7,494,810,000,000.00
The Constitutional Monarchy of Troll Kingdom$-6,814,093,312.00$106,596,000,000.00
The Empire of The tyrannical tyranny two$-299,538,272.00$6,493,200,000.00
The Dictatorship of Imperium Solarus$466,837,024.00$64,758,000,000.00
The Empire of No Power For You$1,815,398,912.00$115,522,000,000.00
The Dictatorship of Very Creative Name$45,263,474,688.00$18,290,800,000,000.00
The Glorious Free State of Adamkhazia$174,961,410,048.00$25,439,200,000,000.00
The Empire of Lord Sin$330,519,314,432.00$12,926,200,000,000.00
The Federal Military Junta of Greater States of Arstotzka$413,635,346,432.00$45,448,700,000,000.00
The Holy Red Empire of Chazcam$764,286,533,632.00$19,949,000,000,000.00
The Cold Stone Floor of Bobs Fun Shed$1,000,016,445,440.00$56,589,200,000,000.00
The Queendom of Astrun$1,784,367,153,152.00$79,965,800,000,000.00
The Grand Holy United Following of The Lin-Manuel Miranda Fan Club$4,714,269,245,440.00$193,474,000,000,000.00
The Democratic People's Republic of Best Korea$5,829,362,712,576.00$142,438,000,000,000.00
The Mafian Economic Extremist of The Dark System$7,341,950,894,080.00$433,595,000,000,000.00
The Little Brotherhood of The Real Matrix$36,810,029,793,280.00$671,475,000,000,000.00
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