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There are 5 WA Countries in the Region of Teremara

You have arrived at the WA Nations list for Teremara.

Simply, the following list is all of the WA delegates from the Region of Teremara. To use the page as a clearing house, click on the WA next to the nation you want to visit, and the Nation States page for that individual should open in a new window.

What do I do with this?
For those regions looking to keep their delegates "Democratically" Elected, the list is split in roughly half for a quick 50% count of available endorsements. This list has also been used to help raiders looking to meet the locals, delegates looking to monitor their kingdoms, newbies seeking endorsements so they gain some influence, and corporations looking to sell wares in a warzone... (among other things). The author suggests Nations interested in Security show this to your delegate. Others have access to this info too, and readily use it for lot's of things. You should be too. That is the point of having this system published.

1. Select a different Nation from the whole region to view (complete Region's Nation listings).

Top 25 GDP Leaders:
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4. Click here to see WA Member Nations.
5. Regional Exchange Rates.

#1 The Commonwealth of Beaufort WA

#2 The Principality of Mendorra of Golfia WA

#3 The Democratic Republic of Gragastavia WA

#4 The United Kingdom of Greater Orcadia WA

#5 The Confederacy of Neu Engollon WA

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