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The top 31 Trading Countries in the Region of Teremara

You have arrived at the top trading Nations list for Teremara.

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NationNet Trade     GDP    
The United Provinces of Skartok$-6,787,961,978,880.00$68,592,400,000,000.00
The Islamic Republic of South Gragastavia$-1,730,941,026,304.00$14,011,200,000,000.00
The Contracting Company of USG Security Corporation$-1,574,863,110,144.00$25,809,800,000,000.00
The Bundesrepublik of Austrakia$-972,049,481,728.00$22,933,700,000,000.00
The United Kingdom of Greater Orcadia$-653,779,664,896.00$68,740,800,000,000.00
The Designated Overseer of Teremara Caretaker$-584,997,928,960.00$14,006,500,000,000.00
The Community of Teremaran Olympics Delegation$-545,761,198,080.00$20,535,900,000,000.00
The Federal Republic of Asucki$-539,606,581,248.00$150,886,000,000,000.00
The Republic of San Rosito$-497,956,061,184.00$11,540,500,000,000.00
The Principality of Taranima$-449,813,151,744.00$28,538,000,000,000.00
The Republic of Terre des Gaules$-238,566,129,664.00$70,943,000,000,000.00
The Republic of Jumnia$-234,426,859,520.00$14,319,100,000,000.00
The Queendom of Espicuta$-188,049,113,088.00$9,870,670,000,000.00
The Glorious Dominion of Nova Secta$-186,026,524,672.00$90,879,300,000,000.00
The Free Socialist Collective of Grand Ventana$-120,545,058,816.00$3,755,420,000,000.00
The Republic of Roman Federation of States$-108,168,765,440.00$1,597,400,000,000.00
The Commonwealth of Beaufort$-86,390,669,312.00$49,506,000,000,000.00
The Republic of Lacetanya$-81,807,409,152.00$3,880,870,000,000.00
The Republic of Mubata$-78,644,436,992.00$27,355,500,000,000.00
The Emirate of Qasifya$-70,363,832,320.00$6,381,600,000,000.00
The Fiefdom of Castellua$-61,570,805,760.00$1,558,520,000,000.00
The Republic of Bricnia$-38,817,300,480.00$659,167,000,000.00
The Empire of Kirjogi$-6,854,990,336.00$531,509,000,000.00
The Kingdom of Kimina$3,088,022,528.00$2,025,890,000,000.00
The Dictatorship of Osatana$81,756,921,856.00$3,198,300,000,000.00
The Confederacy of Neu Engollon$150,519,595,008.00$742,093,000,000,000.00
The Grand Duchy of Glisandia$160,167,985,152.00$50,967,800,000,000.00
The Independent Territory of Czelland$978,742,673,408.00$71,127,100,000,000.00
The United Socialist States of Yellow Star Republic$1,307,373,207,552.00$65,168,700,000,000.00
The Democratic Republic of Gragastavia$6,350,351,368,192.00$851,961,000,000,000.00
The Benevolent Dictatorship of Falkasia$6,805,969,698,816.00$333,994,000,000,000.00
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