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The top 32 Trading Countries in the Region of Sunday

You have arrived at the top trading Nations list for Sunday.

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NationNet Trade     GDP    
The Criminal Monopoly of De Prix Syndicate$-559,996,338,176.00$3,948,040,000,000.00
The Republic of Blonde Empire$-201,019,523,072.00$3,631,990,000,000.00
The Fiefdom of Scampton the GREAT$-185,507,282,944.00$4,223,000,000,000.00
The Victorious Leadership of The Black Germanic Reich$-160,121,782,272.00$18,660,700,000,000.00
The HEAVEN of Your chance to be a BIG SHOT$-154,474,790,912.00$21,989,400,000,000.00
The United Kingdom of Andre Gide$-147,369,459,712.00$5,531,290,000,000.00
The Theocracy of Junkil$-138,963,402,752.00$6,698,940,000,000.00
The Empire of The Hollywoodian Global Order$-117,901,869,056.00$5,806,180,000,000.00
The Rogue Nation of HEAVEN SAYS$-83,590,152,192.00$8,789,420,000,000.00
The Principality of Cherberia$-68,437,319,680.00$10,501,900,000,000.00
The Principality of My burden is light$-65,295,015,936.00$5,882,200,000,000.00
The Sad Reality of The Seven Deadly Sins$-58,705,645,568.00$8,742,410,000,000.00
The Republic of Futurist Italian State$-52,962,279,424.00$1,517,940,000,000.00
The Community of Innocence Lost$-49,844,903,936.00$2,027,120,000,000.00
The Most Serene Republic of Pomni$-48,828,604,416.00$1,382,440,000,000.00
The Most Serene Republic of Angel Basil$-48,437,161,984.00$2,134,200,000,000.00
The Democratic Republic of Nao Egokoro$-29,851,500,544.00$160,241,000,000.00
The Incorporated States of NEO Tianjin$-25,568,475,136.00$2,449,770,000,000.00
The Protectorate of Arthur Rimbaud$-12,168,992,768.00$2,896,620,000,000.00
The Holy Empire of Purity and Virtue$7,608,251,904.00$618,667,000,000.00
The Holy Empire of NEO Taiping$12,521,764,864.00$2,898,590,000,000.00
The Colony of Rather Sleep than Stay Awake$19,934,543,872.00$2,125,050,000,000.00
The Republic of Of Ki and men$31,612,047,360.00$4,185,390,000,000.00
The Rogue Nation of Leg warmers$49,606,471,680.00$2,714,820,000,000.00
The United States of Sou Hiyori$50,227,470,336.00$1,452,160,000,000.00
The Republic of Yuuki of Nuwa$52,801,318,912.00$1,612,610,000,000.00
The Disputed Territories of Envy and Sloth$57,405,300,736.00$8,187,600,000,000.00
The Theocracy of Grapes Upon the Vine$100,417,503,232.00$5,210,680,000,000.00
The Rogue Nation of Rio Ranger$184,641,355,776.00$4,867,580,000,000.00
The Sheer Despondency of Melancholy and Sorrow$223,044,927,488.00$24,576,100,000,000.00
The Angelic Salem of Glisceva$234,153,426,944.00$9,368,130,000,000.00
The Most Glorious Federation of 12 United Districts of Panem$1,185,070,448,640.00$111,407,000,000,000.00
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