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Only One Country populates the Region of Kathedrale Des Heiligen Thomas Von Aquin

You have arrived at the exchange rates of Nations that make up the Region of Kathedrale Des Heiligen Thomas Von Aquin. Yet there is only one. (Looks like somebody needs neighbors.)

Please select one of the countries below to continue.

1: The Free Land of Valkyrie of Astraea LIX Faustine
1 Rainbow = $0.17
or $1 = 5.88 Rainbow

I'm in the right Region, but I can't see My Nation?

Nation States implies tax rates, and conditions for the standard of living in your Nation. Sometimes other countries will no longer accept your moneis because your taxes are too high, you don't make anything of worth, or waste it all. Check back tomorrow, depending on how you legislate, it could change...

How Do I increase my Exchange Rate?

Exchange rates are a product of the calculations here.
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